Simple life
Simple life

Happiness is that magical instant
when you catch yourself laughing for nothing
and sometimes
for such small things:
a compliment over your appearance or attitude,
an unexpected increase in salary,
an invitation to a really nice job,
a child who comes near you for no reason
and, after crossing those little arms around your neck,
gives you a sloppy kiss…

Happiness is that little “bug”
that puts your soul
into such a deliciously euphoric state,
that even bad news has less impact:
the annoying friend becomes bearable and even that
class you hate
goes by so quickly you hardly notice.

In fact, happiness has a gift of easing pain,
healing wounds, drying exposed sores,
of making time a medicinal instrument
to save lives.

Happiness knocks on our doors every single day,
it is the sun that enters through the cracks of your
window and you barely even care.

It’s your pet that insists on
running to you
even when you are “sour”.
It’s that inseparable friend that
answers your calls even in the wee hours
to listen to your complaints.

Happiness is there,
right there,
in that opportunity of serving at the retirement home,
to tell stories to the “children of age”
or to teach someone to read and write.

Happiness is more than a new love,
more than marriage,
the public job you want,
a special someone that returned,
or any material goods.

Happiness is, above all,
the discovery of its own POSSIBILITIES,
of the ability you have to make
everything that is old become new again.

It’s discovering your talents,
gifts that even you did not value and that
can become art,
public utilities,
service and ‘at service’
of common good.

Happiness is this,
this flame that is inside you,
ready to surface and show

that everything can be simple or complicated
according to your the way you look at it.

If your eyes are good,
everything and everyone will be good and every drop

of rain that falls on your door,
will be a divine sign that God
does not even forget to dampen the plants,
nor to fill the rivers that will quench your thirst,
and loves you beyond your
wildest imagination.
This is happiness.

Feel loved, protected and happy.

I believe in you
Paulo Roberto Gaefke