Restarting or soul clean-up


It doesn’t matter where you started,
in what moment of life you tired out,
what matters is that it’s always possible
and necessary to “restart”.

Restarting is giving ourselves
a new chance.

It’s renewing our hopes in life
and, most importantly:
believing in yourself again.

Have you suffered a lot?
It was learning.

Did you cry too much?
It was soul-cleansing.

Were you angry at people?
It was only to forgive them someday.

Did you feel alone over and over?
It was because you closed the door to others.

Did you believe everything was lost?
It was the beginning of your cure.
That’s right!
Now is time to begin,
to think of the light,
to find pleasure in simple things once again.

How about a new job?
A new profession?
A different, bolder haircut?
A new course,
or that old desire to learn to paint,
to draw,
to master the computer,
or anything else?

Look how many challenges.
How many new things in this big world of God
that await you.

Are you feeling alone?

There were so many people you scared away
with your “isolation period”,
there are so many people waiting only for
a smile to get close again

When we lock ourselves up in sadness
we barely stand ourselves.
We become horrible company.
Bad humor begins to eat at our livers
until our mouth becomes bitter.

Today is a good day to take on new challenges.
Where do you want to get to?
Dream high,
want the best of the best,
want good things for your life.
Such thoughts bring us
what we which.
If we think small,
small things we shall have.

However, if we strongly think of the best,
and especially if we fight for the best,
the best will install itself in our life.

And today is the day of mental clean-up.
Throw out everything that binds you to the past,
to the small world of sad things, photographs,
clothes, candy wrap, movie stubs,
tickets from old trips,
and all that junk we keep
when we think we are in love.

Throw it all away.
And, above all, empty your heart.
Prepare yourself for life, for a new love.
Remember we are lovable,
we are always capable of loving, many, many times.

After all, we are “Love”.
Paulo Roberto Gaefke